Writing articles for parenting magazines

Are you a parent who wants to share your parenting tips and stories with the world? Here are some parenting sites that pay per article. Articles for BabyFit should range between and 1, words.

Writing articles for parenting magazines

Children's magazines can be a lucrative market. And there are hundreds of freelance opportunities out there, from Sunday-school papers to glitzy, high-tech skateboard 'zines.

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The market has grown noticeably in recent years. Inthe Institute for Children's Literature identified freelance markets. More recently, ICL listed nearly such markets.

Writing for kids isn't easy, of course.

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You have a tiny space in which to pack as much information as you can. You have to write in language they can understand. And you need fabulous ideas that will grab the attention of youngsters who are increasingly distracted by CD-ROM, cable television, and other competing media.

Where the Action Is Although many writers want to create enduring children's fiction, they're a lot more likely to sell a non-fiction piece. Juvenile magazines do publish a fair amount of short stories, but they're generally outnumbered by articles and activities.

And an increasing number of magazines focus on non-fiction topics like science, nature and technology. Interestingly, most editors want non-fiction that reads like well-written short stories. The best juvenile magazines run articles that paint vivid pictures of historical events, or that use colorful, down-to-earth imagery to explain a scientific phenomenon.

Profiles of famous people are no longer dry as dust: Readers can feel the wind on Amelia Earhart's face, or hear the crash as Thomas Edison's prototype light bulb shatters on the floor.

All you really need is a dedication to research, an ability to write clearly and concisely, and a respect for your young audience. Writing for Children Today You need to put aside any preconceived notions about childhood.

The world has changed a lot since your own formative years. Children are a lot more sophisticated these days, and they want articles and stories that are relevant to their world.

Writers' guidelines now call for writing that reflects the realities of modern life: Pastimes and hobbies may be a lot different than you remember, too.Have a knack for writing?

Wanna get paid to write?. You’re not alone! There are hundreds and thousands of freelance writers online that actually write articles for money online.. And one of the many reasons for the popularity of writing as a way of making money is the speed at which you get paid.

Parenting Magazines That Pay Writers If you have excellent research skills, can include quotes and relevant up-to-date information in your articles, consider writing for parenting magazines.

The potential to earn well is achievable in this niche.

30 Publications that Pay Writers for Personal Essays They buy first North American rights, and have strict ethical standards please review their linked guidelines for details. They don't accept queries -- you must send the full spec piece.
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writing articles for parenting magazines


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