Thesis statement on james baldwin

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Thesis statement on james baldwin

Nixon even feared entering the hospital, we were told. Shed a tear for old presidents, if you must.

Thesis statement on james baldwin

But first give Barry Sussman a chance to turn on your skepticism. But, he subtly tells us, we all share the blame for letting Nixon hoodwink us.

Congress had plenty of opportunities to get tough and get the truth before even the Ervin hearings but chose not to, Sussman shows. The House of Representatives almost impeached Nixon because it had to, not because it wanted to.

A few people like John Sirica and a few tapes left the noble solons no choice, Sussman says.

Thesis Statement on "Sonny's Blues," by James Baldwin. | Category: Literature

Sussman, not a bad writer for an editor, also gives us cogent glimpses of the quintessential Nixon. A re-reading of the Mitchell statement also shows how blatant were some of the early Watergate lies. Referring to James W.

More than two years of Watergate have been enough for most of us. But Sussman deserves a reading from at least his colleagues in the press. After all, he knew a good story when he saw one. Probably for just that reason.

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For, on the whole, his is a readable, reasonably dispassionate overview of Watergate and the men who were its perpetrators and its victims. While he could hardly be described as a fan of Richard Nixon, Sussman seems to work hard at trying to present him in a fair and realistic light. Also, he does not hesitate to place responsibility on others when he feels it is due, and Congress comes in for its fair share of raps.

To some extent, the reader wishes he could have resisted immediacy and done the whole thing from a more distant vantage—more as a historian than as a newsperson—but, on the whole, he brings a reasoned and reasonable perspective to a news event whose tremors are still being felt.

The person who reads this book just has to be grateful for the enlightenment Sussman sheds on Watergate and how it figured in the life and administration of Richard Nixon and the United States.

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Someway, you feel you can trust him. This is important when reading a book like this. It also is important—very important—that the people of this country understand Watergate. October, By Brit Hume If Richard Nixon were not out of office in disgrace and failing health, this would be among the most important books published about the Watergate scandal.

He supervised much of the reporting on the Watergate case, which won The Post a Pulitzer Prize and made two of its young reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the most celebrated journalists of the day. Sussman reaches his thesis early in the book, after detailing meticulously the meetings Nixon held in the Oval Office on his first day back in Washington following the break-in.

There were, Sussman notes, 10 meetings or telephone calls lasting more than five and a half hours with H.thesis statement for sonny's blues by james baldwin. Write an expository essay online Learn how to write an expository essay by having a thorough understanding of its purpose and the skill to create an organized outline.

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