Thesis on diversity management

Traditionally, diversity programs have focused mostly on race and gender and other physical dimensions. Under the umbrella of diversity practices, organizations are employing methods of understanding and relationship-building that encourage the voices of all employees to be heard and embraced. The Importance of Diversity Diversity is even more relevant due to the interconnectivity of global markets. The world no longer operates in silos, nor do businesses.

Thesis on diversity management

Introduction This chapter is about the introduction, the objective and the purpose of the thesis including a brief summary of the context and the strategic importance of understanding the main issue in this work. Make it Authentic, It is an important point to be effective in more than one country for an organization due to globalization.

They have started to realize the importance and the essentiality of making an organization as diverse as the customers they have.

Diversity plan and strategies

Even though every global organization states the beauty of diverse workforce in fact, most of them tend to hire and retain the same workers and this drives out the concept of diversity.

There are also some counter arguments on having a diverse workforce, which are usually merge from poor diverse management decisions. When organizations do not manage diversity well, there is an increased likelihood Thesis on diversity management turnover and absenteeism among minority groups.

In addition, organizations that do not manage diversity well may be in breach of legislation and may incur associated costs. There are also indirect costs, such as the loss of organizational reputation and inability to attract high- quality employees to the organization Childs, The reason why it has a crucial impact is because as Kathy Hannan said, it is not about just having employees from different cultures or nationalities, its also about doing business across the countries.

Nowadays, anything that we create in a certain area is being carried through to another country or continent by various advertisement tools. That also makes organizations to expend and cover up the demand that is created by nonlocal consumers.

Thesis on diversity management

At the organizational level, diversity management suffers from actually not being understood by meaning what is the value of it for the entire organization.

By only 3 hiring people from different countries does not necessarily mean that you are managing a diverse workforce. Diversity management includes; people form different color, culture, gender, nation gather in the same organization and work for same goals.

Most of the global organizations only focus on having a variety of workers and call it diverse management. Actually diversity management also explains the success of a company by corresponding diverse demand with a diverse workforce. Managing diversity is a crucial issue in global organizations.

Most of the organizations do not even see it as a problem but in the business world that we are in right now requires almost every organization to connect with each other. If you own a business in a small town in Boston, you can easily expand it to another country in Middle East.

This may sound little irrelevant with the topic diversity management but to be able to see the connection between them we need to take a look at this closely and this is the case that we will be focusing on this thesis.

We will also compare global banks to make our statement more accurate. In many of the case studies people only focused on the necessity of having a variety workforce but in this study I will be studying the contribution of a diverse work force for a global organization. The purpose of this study is to understand the importance of global management and also make every organization aware of it.


That is the reason that we will be using case study method.1 HISTORICAL AND THEORETICAL ROOTS OF DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT. Michael Brazzel, PhD, CPCC, PCC. Chapter II in Deborah L. Plummer, Handbook of Diversity Management. Mar 24,  · Workplace Diversity Essays (Examples) Filter results by: The authors acknowledge the importance of diversity management, and increasing understandings of how to develop a diversity framework that reflects the organization’s mission and values.

Diversity in the workplace essay

Similarly, the authors emphasize the significance of developing a framework for diversity as. Diversity in the workplace essay outline research papers on diversity in the workplace, conclusion of cultural diversity in the workplace diversity paper outline.

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Thesis on diversity management

When it comes to human resources you not only have a plethora of topics that you can choose from, you have whole categories of topics you can choose from. The Role of Diversity Management in Human Resource Management in Hotel Business Bachelor’s Thesis 2 Abstract Katariina Tervonen The Role of Diversity Management in Human Resource Management in Hotel Business, 49 pages, 2 appendices Saimaa University of Applied Sciences I will delimit diversity management in my thesis to.

Following up by writing about both equal opportunities and diversity management and why should different organisation adopts this approach. Both diversity management and equal opportunity began as a result of various incidents.

Discrimination was a common theme within organisations.

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