The sheepherder case

Lefors and Mahala West. His brothers Sam, Ike, Rufe, and Newton were all peace officers in some capacity. Newton was killed in the line of duty serving as a Deputy U. Marshal in Indian Territory.

The sheepherder case

This article is not about our The sheepherder case friends that provide us with warm clothing and delicious lamb chops.

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Nor is it about those rugged individualists who brave the winter elements and steep mountain trails to care for them. It is, however, about another kind of sheep, and it is about you. For whether you know it or not, you are either a shepherd or a sheepherder.

Want to know why, and what the difference is? A few years ago, Elder Thomas S. Monson contrasted two experiences: Have you ever seen a sheepherder in one of our western mountain canyons directing the sheep? He is usually at the rear of the flock, slouched down on his horse, sound asleep.

And doing the work are half a dozen small dogs yapping and barking at the heels of the sheep.

The sheepherder case

He is a sheepherder. There he was with staff in hand, singing, walking in front of his flock; and the flock followed behind him.

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When he turned to the left, the sheep turned to the left; when he went to the right, they went to the right. There were no dogs barking at the heels of his sheep. They indeed knew their shepherd and were following the pathway he took. Now, what was the difference between the shepherd and the sheepherder?

And how does that difference apply, and why is it so important to you? Because you, my friend, are a leader! It is virtually impossible to belong to the Church and not be a leader. You may be a good leader, an average leader, or a poor leader, but you cannot easily escape that choice responsibility.

Whether in priesthood quorums or programs, auxiliary organizations, family units, or social groups, you are given the opportunity to directly or indirectly lead others.

The same thing often happens in school, at work, and among your friends. In fact, every human activity involving two or more people is in part a leadership activity.

Every time you consciously or unconsciously influence another person or group of people to make a decision or take an action, you are being a leader.About Authentic Native American Jewelry Stones AMBER Amber is an amorphous translucent or opaque fossilized natural resin from an extinct variety of pine tree submerged under the sea some 60,, years ago.

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Joe Lefors (February 20, – October 1, ) was a lawman in the closing years of the Old is best known for the arrest of gunman Tom Horn in for the alleged murder of 14‑year-old sheepherder Willie Nickell, which has since come into question, and it has long been believed that Lefors falsified evidence helping to convict the wrong man for the murder.

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