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The carriage is suspended from the top of the structure and constrained into contact with the wall to travel circumferentially about the vertical structural wall. The carriage is propelled forwardly during banding against the large restraining force, e. The belt drive means comprises belt drive drums about which the belts travel after being lifted from the structural wall at the forward end of the carriage.

Prestessing manual


There are vast networks of high speed rail HSR projects in development that are moving into construction phase. These projects, including transportation authorities in California, Texas and Florida, are building interest among contractors and subcontractors across the country.

These techniques include numerous high-speed slab track systems and aerial structures, using both ballast and ballastless track systems, with further subdivisions utilizing discrete rail support and continuous rail support configurations.

Precast segmental has seen dramatic growth over the last twenty years; therefore, it would be expected to be the frontrunner with U.

Prestessing manual

It may be advantageous to consider another approach. This method provides a faster erection process, which can lead to projects completing in a shorter timeframe. Additionally, this article will explore full span precast construction technique being used globally for high speed rail HSR projects with a quick rundown of the casting yard requirements to transition from precast segmental to full span precast.

FSM casting yard requirements will be similar to standard precast segmental and light rail guideway construction, except for the utilization of must larger, specialized equipment. The specifications of this specialized equipment will dictate the specific elements of casting yard layout and material handling logistics.

The project delivery method and the inherent limitations of transporting large precast sections on select roadways will be key components of a successful business opportunity. Based on the Design Guidelines for High-Speed Train Aerial Structures the basic aerial structure is a prestressed concrete single-cell box girder with spans ranging from to feet.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. Seismic performance and retrofit of steel pile to concrete cap connections. Paper by Ayman A. Shama, John B. Mander, and Amjad J. Aref. A Simple Method of Gripping Prestressing Strands for Tension Tests Presents a simple technique for gripping a prestressing strand to measure its breaking strength, modulus of elasticity or stress-strain.

The superstructure design consists of two parallel train tracks technical memorandum TM 2. In the constructability section, TM 2. To achieve project goals, it notes that the construction method must be fast, repetitive and versatile, descriptions of the various construction methods available to contractors today are outlined.

These include traveling shoring system, precast segmental and full span method. Traveling Shoring System A traveling shoring system is a mobile box girder forming system that self-supports on the columns. Most MSS units have self-launching capability from span to span.

Prestessing manual

The traveling shoring system is excellent for minimalizing construction impact. This is of importance for environmental concerns or traffic impact in large cities. Precast Segmental Over the last twenty years, precast segmental construction technique has become a standard in the United States.

The American Segmental Bridge Institute has done an excellent job promoting the advantages of precast segmental construction to owners, educating designers and developing interest amongst contractors.

Numerous project-specific casting yards have been set up specifically for these projects. The versatility of this method allows casting yard to be up to miles from site.

Segments of ' length weigh Tons. This is an incredible section of concrete and may appear to be challenging to produce. Yet, HSR projects around the world have used this construction method and the casting cells and all associated equipment have been employed for many years. According to the CAHST technical report, an advantage of this method is faster development for multi-span structures.

In addition, FSM may be the most cost effective construction method. Obviously, the economy of scale would weigh favorably for extremely long, elevated HSR contracts. Alternately the casting operation could be utilized across multiple contracts to ensure the expense of the equipment will be allocated over hundreds of full span segments.

The Full Span Method can employ two methods for laying track- ballasted or ballast-less. With ballasted track, the rail lines are installed on the top of the ballast for load distribution.

With ballast-less track, the tracks lay directly on the concrete slab or elevated structure deck by direct fixation or slab track. To establish the proper mindset necessary for envisioning these casting yards - The typical FSM box girders range from 25m to 55m, with weights from Tons to Tons.

Casting cycle is approximately two days per box girder. This combination lends itself to optimizing full span construction, if the project is large enough to support the underlying investment. The economies scale demand a large volume of spans to be cost effective.

With the transportation difficulties of hauling FSM box girders, proximity to the jobsite is essential.The idea of prestressed concrete has been around since the latter decades of the 19th century, but its use was limited by the quality of the materials at the time.

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