Medical records

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Medical records

Suite1st floor next to Cashier's Office W. Arbor Drive Monday — Friday, 8: Free guest parking spaces are available. Medical Records staff will be able to assist you in completing forms if needed.

Medical records

If you submit a request in person, please be prepared to show photo identification. To submit by mail, mail the completed form to: Please allow reasonable time to process your request.

Medical records

The legal maximum to fulfill requests is 15 days, but we strive to process requests sooner than that. We will contact you if we experience delays or are unable to fulfill your request.

Normal results are released four days after the result is available, and abnormal results are released seven days after the result is available. Radiology may be able to release images by email or answer questions about release of X-rays and other images. You do not need to submit separate forms for separate locations.

Authorizations MUST contain the following information to be valid. If any of these items are missing from the form or if the form is not signed and dated, your request will be returned.

Patient's signature or legal representative's signature Authorizations signed by a representative must be verified by including a copy of one of the following documents:Dependents and Others, Medical Treatment Record Holdings: Navy: The NPRC stores inpatient, outpatient, dental and mental health records created at Naval medical treatment facilities.

Some record collections date from the s and s, but more comprehensive information . Learn more about obtaining a copy of your medical records from Cleveland Clinic and other information about records.

Fee Schedule. Medical records are provided as a courtesy for continuity of clinical care. The State of Ohio provides a two-tiered fee schedule for the cost of providing copies, one for . Requesting Medical Records of a deceased patient Please contact the Medical Records Department at the appropriate location.

You may be asked to provide additional documents to obtain a copy of the records. Your medical records can be accessed through MyChart or you can request copies through our Health Information Department.

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