Management of employee relations essay

Management Due to quick increase in the technology and internationalization of business. The employment relationship is becoming very important part of any company. So when was the last time you needed a good look at your work power?

Management of employee relations essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Nowadays, there is the view that the practices and policies that management holds within organizations in Australia are used against the employees, for instance the decrease in wages and conditions, through means of the Governments Industrial Relation laws.

To explore this issue further, this essay will examine whether there is a link between HR strategies and practices and the Australian Industrial Relations legislation work choices.

Seeing that the HR strategies used, subsequently shape and form the working environment, this allows management to practice the types of employment relations that are promoted under work- choices, for example, AWAs and unfair dismissal rules, more closely or on the contrary to be driven away from them.

Management of employee relations essay

There are two strategies that were introduced by Friedman bwhich were used as a guide to employers and managing bodies of many organizations. The strategies that were implemented by Friedman included direct control and responsibility autonomy. Direct control deals with non co-workers and mostly relies on management controlling their employees with tight supervision.

Furthermore, employers seem to simply advocate on allowing for the decrease in employees say and discretion. Issues related to the strategy of direct control include numerical flexibility and minimal training and development programs for employees to participate in.

Responsibility autonomy, on the other hand, deals with co-workers. This strategy allows for workers to adapt to different situations as they change in ways that are relatively in favor of the organization by way of encouragement and support from managers.

This can be seen as being somewhat opposite to direct control as employees are given authority and responsibility to make decisions by management. Matters concerning the strategy of responsibility autonomy include employment security, high wages and also having great opportunities for training and development.

Discussion In Australia, political and economic developments internal to the country intermarried with globalization have resulted in deregulation of the previous institution-based system of IR industrial relations. As a consequence, the labor force has now become more casualised, highly qualified and diverse than at any previous point in history of Australian industrial relations[1].

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Amazing though, is that the strategies used by managing bodies to achieve their objectives differ throughout all organizations and these approaches, in turn, have an impact on organizational structures and the management of employees.

Various approaches can be adopted to obtain a competitive advantage in the marketplace Boreham and Hall, Greater effort is devoted to performance and to explore new forms of supple work arrangements and furthermore increase adoption of computerized human resources management systems.

In response to this, human resource practitioners have placed great emphasis on siding HR Human Resource strategy with corporate strategy at the same time devoting more effort to performance and exploration of new forms of flexible work arrangements.

A study conducted inBarbara H. In addition, best employers were different with others in which they delivered on promises and contractual terms. Employees in such an organization with a strategy geared towards worker satisfaction showed higher level of satisfaction. Hence a good organization strategy produces a better management and effective service delivery.

In such cases employees may be willing to enter into workplace agreements without any undue pressure or duress. It is forthrightly imperative then that the most valuable weapon an industry can have is a strategy which ensures fairness in terms of bargaining grounds, arrangements on working conditions and the terms that rule the contract.

With the outcry from the public, these policies do deserve nothing other than rejection, also Verona Burgess, 8 April Donaldson,observes that workplace relations in Australia have tremendously changed over the past five years and he reiterates that this is due to political changes in administration.

In the same light, changes to iniquitous dismissal laws could not pass but rather were blocked several times.Employee relations is a legal notion and is observed in organisation wherever work is carried out or exchanged for payment or wages or remuneration between an employee and an employer.

Smooth flow of employee relations has become an important element of an organisation. Employee relations Essay In any company there is a possibility of workplace issues between employees.

Some of these issues can be handled collectively, but often . Employee relations news and trends from The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Sometimes, this can result in a need for re-orientation, sign copies of receipts of the Employee Handbook, and/or coaching from management.

Training is a better approach than taking punitive steps. One reason is that Courts expect employers to “meet people halfway”.

Management of employee relations essay

Employee relations is a legal notion and is observed in organisation wherever work is carried out or exchanged for payment or wages or remuneration between an employee and an employer. Smooth flow of employee relations has become an important element of an organisation.

As a rule, the interests of employees are represented by labor unions and the interests of employers – by the associations of entrepreneurs. The literature in management often defines the cooperation of employees and employers in the sphere of social and labor .

Employee Relations And Employment Relationship In Business Management Essay