Fatty acid and essay lipids

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Fatty acid and essay lipids

Lipids are a very diverse group of organic substance which is classified together because they are all soluble in such fat solvents as ether and chloroform.

Fatty acid and essay lipids

As a rule, they are insoluble in water. The lipids are generally classified into three main groups, as: In order to gain some insight into the nature of lipids, let us concentrate briefly upon one of the simpler types, the fats.

As is the case with so many of the biologically important organic compounds, fats are macromolecular complexes composed of smaller micro molecules, or building blocks.

Structures, Occurrence, Basic Biochemistry and Function

Specifically, a fat molecule is composed of the three- carbon macromolecule glycerol, to which are attached three fatty acids of varying length. The waxes, which we shall mention only in passing, are similar to the fats in that they are fatty acid esters. However, instead of being esters of glycerol, they are esters of long-chain alcohol.

They are found as protective coatings on the skins and furs of animals and on the leaves and fruits of plants. The compound lipids are important structural compounds in living systems. Chemical analysis and electron microscope studies strongly indicate that a double layer of phospholipids makes up a large part of the membranes of cells.

In addition, they are thought to play a role in a number of metabolic processes including fat metabolism, respiration, and enzyme activation.


The glycolipids are quite common in certain nervous tissues of the more complex animals. The steroids are chemically related to the triglycerides and compound lipids, although their molecular structure is quite different from that of other lipids.

They are classified as lipids primarily because of their solubility in fat solvents. Steroids are very important molecules in the bodies of complex animals, where they are found primarily in the heart, blood vessels, and liver.

In addition, certain vitamins and hormones which are produced in animal bodies are steroids.Write an essay on the biosynthesis of lipids. * Fatty acids are made up of a long hydrocarbon chain having a carboxylic acid at one end. * Fats in eykaryotes are an important source of dietary calories.

Fatty acid and essay lipids

Lipids are made by the dehydration synthesis of glycerol and fatty acids. This is when three molecules of fatty acids combine with one molecule of glycerol by taking water out of the solution. Lipids are always huge molecules, which means they have a lot of energy like twice as much as sugar. The Structure of Lipids and Their Biological Functions Essay - The Structure of Lipids and Their Biological Functions Fats and Oils are substances made up of glycerol and fatty acids and the only difference between fats and oils is that fats are solid at room temperature where as oils are not.

They are glycerol, fatty acids, oils, fats, waxes, phospholipids and triglycerides (ester). The properties of the fats are, · Fats are insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents.

· Behave as water hating molecules (hydrophobic molecules) The Structure and Function of Lipids Essay example. Lipids can be classified into four groups which are -fats, oils, and waxes, -compound lipids, -steroids, and -derived lipids.

Various experiments are done on lipids. We will write a custom essay sample on. Nov 20,  · Phospholipids: Lipids containing, in addition to fatty acids and an alcohol, a phosphoric acid residue. They frequently have nitrogen-containing bases and other substituents, eg, in glycerophospholipids the alcohol is glycerol and in sphingophospholipids the alcohol is sphingosine.

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