An argument in favor of the safety and sanity of tongue piercing

Posted 25 August - I thought the jewelry philosophy was rather interesting to this thread but some of the other guidelines seemed to indicate problems with the workforce. Jewelry is a form of self-expression, which we at Anon support.

An argument in favor of the safety and sanity of tongue piercing

But coming to misdoubt his parentage, Oedipus journeyed to Delphi to seek the truth; and when the god declared that he should slay his own father and marry his own mother, he sought to flee such a fate and betake himself far from the land wherein he thought his father and his mother dwelt.

But it befell as the god had said: But when the truth stood revealed, his mother-wife hung herself, and Oedipus stabbed his eyes that they might not look on the misery he had wrought.

And it came to pass that his sons, who ruled in his stead alternately, each the space of a year, treated him sore ill, so he cursed them and declared they should divide their inheritance by the sword. Eteocles would not suffer his brother to have his time to rule; and to enforce his right Polynices, who had fled to Adrastus, King of Argos, and married the daughter of that prince, mustered a host and sought to take his native town.

At this point the action of the play begins. Warned by the seer Teiresias that the Argives are bent on a supreme assault, Eteocles heartens the burghers, quells the outcries of the daughters of Thebes, frantic at their impending danger, and receives the tidings from a scout that the enemy is advancing against the seven gates.

To each of the opposing chieftains as they are described by the scout Eteocles opposes a worthy antagonist, nor will he himself hold back from encountering his brother when he learns that he is to attack the seventh gate. Enter Eteocles with attendants. For if we succeed, the responsibility is heaven's; but if—may it not happen—disaster is our lot, Eteocles would be the one name shouted many times throughout the city in the citizens' resounding uproars and laments.

From these evils may Zeus the Defender, upholding his name, shield the city of the Cadmeans! You must aid, too, your children, and Mother Earth, your beloved nurse. For welcoming all the distress of your childhood, when you were young and crept upon her kind soil, she raised you to inhabit her and bear the shield, and to prove yourselves faithful in this time of need.

And so, until today, God has been favorably inclined, for though we have long been under siege, the war has gone well for the most part through the gods' will. But now, as the seer, the herdsman of birds, informs us, using his ears and his mind to understand with unerring skill the prophetic birds unaided by sacrificial fire—he, master of such prophecy, declares that the greatest Argive attack is being planned in night assembly and that they will make plans to capture our city.

Hurry each of you to the battlements and the gates of our towered walls! Rush with all your armor! Fill the parapets and take your positions on the platforms of the towers. Stand your ground bravely where the gates open out, and do not be afraid of this crowd of foreigners.

God will bring it to a good end.

An argument in favor of the safety and sanity of tongue piercing

Once I have heard their report, I will not be taken by any trickery. Seven warriors, fierce regiment-commanders, slaughtered a bull over a black shield, and then touching the bull's gore with their hands they swore an oath by Ares, by Enyo, 1 and by Rout who delights in blood, that either they will level the city and sack the Cadmeans' town by force, or will in death smear this soil with their blood.

And on Adrastus' chariot they were placing remembrances of themselves for their parents at home, and were shedding tears while so doing, but no piteous wailing escaped their lips. For their iron- hearted spirit heaved, blazing with courage, as of lions with war in their eyes. Your knowledge of these things was not delayed by fearfulness; for I left them casting lots to decide how each commander, his post assigned by chance, would lead his regiment against the gates.

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Therefore, choose the bravest men of the city and station them quickly at the outlets of the gates. For nearby already the Argive army in full armor is advancing in a flurry of dust, and glistening foam splatters the plain in drops from the horses' pantings.

So you, like the careful helmsman of a ship, secure the city before Ares' blasts storm down upon it; for the wave of their army now crashes over the dry land.

Seize the first opportune moment for doing this. For all else, I, on my part, will keep a reliable eye on the lookout, and you, by learning from my certain report what happens beyond the gates, shall remain unharmed.

May they never hold the free land and city of Cadmus beneath the yoke of slavery! I am certain that what I ask is in our common interest; for a State that prospers pays honors to its gods.

The Chorus enters in fearful agitation. Their army is let loose! The dust whirling in the air tells me this is so—its message is speechless, yet clear and true.

And now the plains of my native land under the blows of hooves send a roar to my ears; the sound flies and rumbles like a resistless torrent crashing down a mountainside.

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The army of the white shield, ready for battle, rushes at full speed against the city. Who then will rescue us, which of the gods or goddesses will help?

Or shall I fall in supplication at the feet of our ancestral gods' statues? Why do we delay, who are much to be lamented?

Do you hear the clash of shields, or does it escape you? When, if not now, shall we place sacred robes and wreaths on the statues to accompany our prayers?

What will you do? Will you betray your own land, Ares, where you have dwelt since long ago? God of the golden helmet, look, look upon the city that you once cherished!Rick decided to get a tattoo and nose piercing because he thought they would look cool.

After all, several rock stars have them–and they sure look cool. But the local piercing and tattoo shop operators weren’t following health regulations. Aug 22,  · Tongue Piercing- Splitting?

Rick's Tattoo Studio/Applied Insanity

I got my tongue pierced around 4 weeks ago and now it's got a little split happening. Does this mean that I Status: Resolved. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION _____) In the Matter of) CPSC Docket No. Complaint Counsel hereby files a redacted copy of Complaint Counsel’s Post Hearing Argument. Respectfully submitted, probable than its nonexistence before [he] may find in favor of the party who has the burden to.

An argument in favor of the safety and sanity of tongue piercing

AESCHYLUS was a Greek tragedian who flourished in Athens in the early C5th B.C. Of the 76 plays he is known to have written only seven survive The Persians, 2.

Seven Against Thebes, 3. Suppliant Women, 4 - 6. The Oresteia Trilogy (Agamemnon, Libation Bearers or Choephori and The Eumenides), 7. The tongue is a muscular organ in the mouth of most vertebrates that manipulates food for mastication, It is also known as the tongue's "safety muscle" since it is the only muscle that propels the tongue forward.

tongue piercing and splitting has become quite common in western countries in recent decades. In one study, one-fifth of. Tongue Piercings Could Lead to Severe Brain Infections.

Last month she removed her new tongue piercing only two days after getting .

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