1984 research paper thesis

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1984 research paper thesis

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At age eight, he was shipped off to boarding school where he was the only scholarship student among aristocrats. Unlike his classmates, Orwell was unable to afford to go to Oxford or Cambridge and 1984 research paper thesis grades kept him from winning any more scholarships Scott-Kilvert, Therefore, he decided to join the Imperial Police in Burma, India.

Orwell hated the police and everything they stood for; he often hated the people he was supposed to help. The events that took place in his life and the rise of Fascism in the early s made Orwell a committed anti-Fascist.

Ever serious line of work he wrote as of was, whether indirectly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism.

1984 research paper thesis

He wants to warn people what can happen when the government is given too much power. He wants to show how such governments can develop, and what methods they use to keep the people they are James Hawkins 2 governing in their power Bryfonski, They crush anybody who tries to commit an independent act.

Their methods are harsh and efficient. In the novel, televisions are in most homes and all over the streets. The use of telescreens is an important physical element. It watches citizens, gives war news, music, political speeches and messages from Big Brother. This may have not be a big deal today, but back then no one would have thought of television as a means of sending and receiving information.

Reed, 34 To demonstrate the totalitarian ways of the government, Orwell creates a sublanguage that is used throughout the story. Orwell tells us that nobody will be able to commit unwanted acts or think bad thoughts because actions cannot exist without language to describe or define them.

A dog could be free of fleas, but people would no longer hanker for freedom. It includes words for everyday activities like eating, drinking, working. It contains simple nouns and verbs with clear meanings.

Any shades of meaning have been eliminated. The grammar is designed so that any word can be used as a verb, noun, adjective or adverb. Anything difficult to pronounce has been James Hawkins 3 eliminated. Words are deliberately constructed for political purposes.

Words such as justice, democracy and religion have been abolished, or reduced to either crimethink or oldthink Reed, Orwell also uses an omniscient character, Big Brother, to show how powerful the government is.

He may have also been basing Big Brother on religious figures: Some critics think the fact that Orwell was dying while he finished this novel accounts for the pessimistic view of society and its future, while others think he was using every weapon in his arsenal to wake up his readers to the threat of totalitarianism.

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Volume2. Gale Research Company, New York, New York: Marshall Cavendish Corporation, British Writers, Volume 7. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Elements of Literature, Sixth Course. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. How would you rate this essay?

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1984 research paper thesis

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